Christchurch Motorway Half Marathon

Southern Motorway

Course Map

Half Marathon - 21km

The Half Marathon route starts on the Athletics Track at Nga Puna Wai. You will spread out around the lap and a half of the Track before making your way to the Motorway Pathways via the Underpass.

Once through the Underpass and on the pathways the run will head south on the Motorway Pathways to Shands Road and returning to Nga Puna Wai.  You will be on the pathways all the ways using the pathway to Prebbleton prior to getting to Shands Road and returning the same way, then make a small detour to Springs Road and returning directly to Nga Puna Wai, where you will do one and a half laps of the track and enjoy the crossing the finish line with friends and family in the grandstands cheering you on. 


10km and 5km

The 5km and 10km runners will start at the same time as the Half Marathon runners and will run out through the underpass and continue toward Carrs Basin and turn at the 2.5km and 5km markers and return on the same route you ran out on. 

If all walkers and runners can keep left this would be greatly appreciated as this will allow all competitors ample room throughout the event on the pathways. We do have some runners from Achilles running with added runners, please give these runners space. 

The pathway has been advertised that it is closed for the event, although some people still chose to ignore these notices so please treat the pathway as open, meaning some cyclist may be on the pathway. There will be a Stop/Go control at Marshs Road.


 KIDZ Dash

This will start after the Half Marathon and 10km runners.  The KIDZ Dash will be 5 laps of the athletics track.